Lee (Coops) 

  • Cool under pressure, 
  • Family guy and fun guy,
  • Did you know: In my younger days, played the trumpet and had a poem published. No good at either now.
  • Loves: Slingsby's Flat White (and it has to be Aussie Rules style!). 
  • Favourite place: Mexico.
  • Quote: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."


  • It's alrite.
  • Don't mess with Mrs G - she's the boss.
  • Did you know: Very distant relative of Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.
  • Loves: Slingsbys vegetable smoothies.
  • Favourite place: Venice and all things Italy.
  • Quote: "Stop acting the goat."


  • Shop till you drop.
  • Wicked ping pong player.
  • Did you know: Optician's phobia.
  • Loves: Slingsby's caramel shortbread.
  • Favourite place: California dreaming.
  • Quote: "We want banter not shanter."


  • Mr buzzin 247.
  • Easy Rider - just loves those motorbikes.
  • Did You Know: A workaholic - this man has more jobs than Postman Pat.
  • Loves: A Slingsby's double espresso to kick-start the day.
  • Favourite Place: Skegness.
  • Quote: "Live Life To The Full."


  • Budding actress - It will be Slingsby's loss when Hollywood beckons.
  • Anyone for tennis - you stand no chance.
  • Did you know: Played an extra in Heartbeat and got a kiss from Nick Berry!
  • Loves: The sausage and chorizo casserole when its on Slingsby's Specials menu.
  • Favourite Place: New York.
  • Quote: "Seize the Day."


  • One half of the terrible two-some (alongside Geordie)
  • Bubbly like a glass of champagne - vintage of course!
  • Did You Know: This girl does more charity work than Sir Elton John.
  • Loves: Slingsby's pommegranite smoothies.
  • Favourite Place: Barcelona or any cruise on the Med.
  • Quote: "Why not!"

Mr G

  • The smiling assassin.
  • All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
  • Did you know: Had an appearance on TV's Newsnight in a former life.
  • Loves: Slingsby's home made Pea and Ham soup.
  • Favourite place: San Fransisco.
  • Quote: "Less is more."


  • Calm in a crisis.
  • A little study and much partying at Glasgow Uni.
  • Did you know: Played badminton for Yorkshire.
  • Loves: Slingsby's chocolate brownies.
  • Favourite place: Viva Las Vegas.
  • Quote: "Go big or go home."


  • Superbad McLovin lookalike
  • My big brother Josh is Slingsby's favourite customer.
  • Did you know: A qualified lifeguard.
  • Loves: Slingsby's brie and bacon panini.
  • Favourite place: Blackpool.
  • Quote: "I'm tall do I need to do all this washing up as its bad for my back?"